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"I have over 30M followers on social media and I can tell you that Kevin Anson knows his stuff. I have called him up late at night to get his advice. Buy his courses, you won't regret it!"

Julius Dein
Master Magician, Performer & Influencer - @JuliusDein

Russell Brunson

New York Times Bestselling Author Russell Brunson shares the results Kevin was able to help his $100M SaaS Company achieve through video.

Brendon Burchard

New York Times Bestselling Author Brendon Burchard shares the results Kevin was able to help his $10M+ Education Company achieve through video.

Thomas Duran

As a video producer for over 15 years, Thomas shares his "mind blowing" experience of learning video marketing and video editing workflows from Kevin.

Jackson Rucker

Jackson shares how he was able to go from a complete beginner to an experienced video producer able to charge people money for his video services.

Kelvin Belvis

As an experienced video producer, Kelvin shares his "transformative" experience of learning video marketing and video editing workflows from Kevin.

Ben Buckwalter

Ben shares the results that Kevin has helped his business achieve using video marketing and video editing workflows.

"Kevin's Video Formula made me $13,500 in less than 12 hours after going through it. This course delivered for my business BIG TIME!"

Jake Leicht
@JakeLeicht on Instagram

"My business ad costs reduced significantly while increasing business exposure, resulting in more sales! The training that Kevin offers is some of the best I have seen in a LONG time, and has the changed the way I market my business forever."

Dino Costas
Online Marketer

"BUY HIS COURSES! As someone who has purchased 2 of Kevin's courses, BUY HIS COURSES! It's worth so much more than what Kevin is charging - you will not regret it!!"

Alex Branning
Founder of

"My clients and I are getting more views, more engagement, and more sales. By emulating Kevin's video editing skills, I've been able to create video content that has my clients calling me a "Video Alchemist." The things Kevin teaches ACTUALLY GET RESULTS! "

Chris Stone
Video Editor & Producer

"Kevin's courses and mentorship have helped us drop our ad costs by 75%. We're getting more exposure and more business than ever!"

Alex Engar
Marketing Systems Ninja at Alex and Will - Healthy Funnel

"Kevin coached us on some video ads I was doing for a few gyms in San Francisco. The tactics he taught me WAYYY outperformed the previous ads I was running by 10X! Kevin is a genius."

Kevin Charlie
Ad Agency Owner

"Kevin, you gave me permission to go out and create video ads without needing a degree or an accreditation and you showed me that this was all possible. My business has never been busier and I have you to thank for that."

Will Tygart
Business Owner at Tygart Media

"Kevin's courses have been a huge eye opener for me. He knows what is working and what is not. Every time he gives me feedback on one of my videos, my mind is blown. Thank you Kevin!"

Zuzana Dobro

"I've been able to gain a lot of confidence going on camera as a result of this course. Before the course I had absolutely no experience. I've been able to save TONS of money with my own ads also. You won't regret purchasing Kevin's courses!"

Mac Nwosu
Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer at "Surviving Entrepreneurship"

"The videos that Kevin consulted on for our webinar had a 71% optin rate at .73 cent leads...Almost 10 times higher than any other webinar registration I or anyone I know has EVER seen."

Dave Lindenbaum
Founder of

"Adding headlines, text, captions, and all the strategies Kevin teaches have massively improved my videos and my client's videos so they get better results. He is also so supportive and is always there to help you!"

Jamie Garza
Professional Video Producer

"I've never been able to make videos that convert leads consistently for myself and my clients. The real magic for me happens in the FB group and getting feedback from Kevin and his support. Thank you Kevin!"

Jason McCullogh
Digital Marketing Strategist -

"I took just 3 of the ingredients from what Kevin teaches and was able to run an ad and I got 3 new customers valued at over $1,000. Kevin really knows his stuff better than anyone out there in the video space."

Henry Hernandez
Entrepreneur & Video Producer

"Before taking Kevin's program, I had 17 years of video experience, but once I learned from Kevin I was able to scale my business and add a completely new service offering."

Jason Weitz
Videographer, Video Editor & Business Owner

"Kevin's courses are easy to follow, to the point, the attention to detail is amazing! It has A LOT of marketing training with A TON of value! Thanks Kevin for creating such a great product!"

Jean-Francois Jeff Monnery
Filmmaker & Video Producer

"I've been making videos for YEARS...and these principles have exponentially increased the results my clients are getting as well as myself. This course is a no-brainer!"

Alex Leng
Videographer & Video Editor

"We implemented what we learned from Kevin and made multiple 6 figures in revenue, FAST! We got so busy we had to turn our video ads off!"

Jen Marie & Ben Buckwalter
Sales & Lead Gen for Attorneys -

"Kevin's coaching helped me grow my Instagram to over 29,000 followers. His strategies have resulted in our best converting video ads ever. He has helped me generate tons of revenue for my business."

Jeff Brewer
CEO at Launch Hacker Lab

"When it comes to video ads, Kevin Anson is the master mentor! Through his guidance, formulas and structures, my videos have been transformed into eye-catching, attention grabbing, engaging stories that I've generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients."

Tim Cooper
CEO at Fluid Media Solutions

"I can tell you without a doubt, it will totally change the way you construct video and make you more $$$ to boot. If anyone is doing any type of video marketing for their business or intend on doing it, then jump in Kevin's program, the value is amazing."

Chris Holloway
Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer

"As an agency owner, we use the tactics we've learned from Kevin to get our clients results and put our customers ahead of the game. Kevin's videos are constantly showing us new ways of attracting the attention of our potential clients."

Austin Ford
Digital Marketing & Challenge Expert

"Kevin's knowledge and ability to teach the technical concepts of Video Production from conception and the pre-production process to editorial success ending with a video producing cash flow is Barnett and phenomenal. I am able to enhance my business and land more clients and I'm also helping my clients businesses grow because of the clear concise tactics that Kevin offers."

Jodeen Bergstrom
Marketing Expert, Online Summit Expert, ClubHouse Expert

"I am getting way more clicks, way more views, and way more engagement on my videos than ever before. It's insane! You could spend thousands and thousands of dollars testing this stuff yourself, or you could just learn it from Kevin for a lot less."

Brandon Gentry
Videographer & Video Editor

"I have been making videos for many years, and I never really understood the marketing aspect of making videos. It's been super helpful for my business and I've been able to pass it along to get my clients results too."

Mike Hurley
Videographer, Video Editor & Entrepreneur

"We've been using with Kevin teachers for a few years now and have seen great results with our events videos and advertising videos. If you have a chance, be sure to get involved in what Kevin's teaching!"

Owen Shrock
Professional Onboarding For Contractors At Commercial Roofing 101